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Artist's Statement

The fire heaven and earth odin comes down

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I am a Pacific Northwest artist working in oil and ceramics, among other media. My most obvious influences are Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and Emily Carr, and more broadly, Impressionism, German Expressionism, and Fauvism.

Unwilling to limit the media in which I am willing to work, in 2006 I embarked upon and completed an enormous sculptural project in the medium of cob, a concrete-like mixture of clay, water, sand, and straw. The result is a 200 square foot cob house in the back yard of a friend in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland. I currently live in this earthen house.

(See photos of the cob house project.)

Artist resume upon request.

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Click thumbnails for larger images, more information, and pricing.

untitled tree


the return

The Fire 2

After the Fire

The Falcon

The fire


untitled forest

mount ranier

heaven and earth

capitol reef

rent asunder

untitled trees

medicine tree

Dry Falls
untitled trees oak tree in spring untitled tree The River of the Falcon mount shuksan

forest after emily carr

forest 5


New Jerusalem

duel 2
Untitled Tree Brances Magdalene odin comes down

Trees of Life

Face 4


oregon coast

pikes peak


Clearcut 2

zion canyon


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In 2007, I designed and helped tile a friend's shower / greenhouse room with reclaimed ceramic tiles.

Shower mosaicshower mosiac

Click thumbnails for larger images. Some pieces are available for sale - contact Dan about availability and pricing.

plates & tiles brown plate green plate red plate tree plate tree plate
green tree plate tile green tile bathtub tile runes tile
plates & tiles tile sun tile tree tile tree tile leaf tile
tree tile tree tile tree tile    

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Click thumbnails for larger images. Some drawings are available for sale - contact Dan about availability and pricing.

three drawings two drawings    
abstract drawing tree drawing tree drawing

at sticker 1 at sticker 2

Stickers for the Appalachian Trail -
I was known as "Sticker Dan."



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