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Songwriter's Statement


My songs are about various things. As a songwriter I am self-taught, with many influences. I just write what there is to write. Sometimes it turns into a one-chord song, sometimes two chords, sometimes three. A number of the songs are really just sung poems. I also play improvisational piano.

I have also been the musical accompanist of the Mudeye Puppet Company, and created original music and performed live with them on several shows.

See Dan playing the Star Spangled Banner on a Rubber Chicken

Songs and Lyrics

Click below to hear songs and lyrics by Dan Reed Miller.

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Dan Reed Miller Performing in Portland, Oregon, 6/07

Children of the Fire

Children of the Fire was recorded in Reno, Nevada in the Summer of 2000.

Guitar and Vocals: Dan Reed Miller (AKA Enrique Bronkowski), Harmonica: Paul Nama

1. Not A... | Lyrics

2. Tonight is Just a Night | Lyrics

3. Children of the Fire | Lyrics

4. You've Blown It | Lyrics

5. Killer | Lyrics

6. Medicine | Lyrics

7. Daylight Brings | Lyrics

8. Syncopated Simpletons | Lyrics

9. I Predict | Lyrics

10. Another Bablyon | Lyrics

11. The Morning After | Lyrics

12. Company Man | Lyrics

13. (Who Wants to Be a) Billionaire | Lyrics

14. Treehouse | Lyrics

15. Can You Hear the Trumpets?

16. Children of the Fire (Electric) | Lyrics

17. Company Man (Electric) | Lyrics

18. The Morning After (Electric) | Lyrics

Black Robin

Black Robin was recorded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon.

Guitar and Vocals: Dan Reed Miller

1. Dark Wall of Fire | Lyrics

2. Brick By Brick | Lyrics

3. Funny Thing Happened | Lyrics

4. Inferno

5. I'm Back | Lyrics

6. Mirror Mirror | Lyrics

7. Hey Tiger | Lyrics

8. Welcome to the Banquet | Lyrics

9. This Day is Born



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